August 31, 2010

Washington Redskins 2010 Schedule Wallpaper - Donovan McNabb

The 2010 Washington Redskins is looking to accomplish a feat they haven't been quite able to grasp for nearly two decades - WIN BIG. With the addition of offensive wizard Mike Shanahan and an elite QB in Donovan McNabb, the Washington Redskins are hoping to become the Commander in Chief of the NFL in 2010. Follow their journey to the top by using this 2010 Washington Redskins schedule wallpaper featuring Donovan McNabb.

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Skins fans, don't miss out on the action! Download this Washington Redskins 2010 Schedule Wallpaper today and set it as your computer desktop background. This graphic can also be utilized as a 2010 Washington Redskins printable schedule for use in your home or office.

Washington Redskins 2010 Wallpaper Featuring Donovan McNabb
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poker affiliate said...

The Eagles fans never really seemed to appreciate McNabb. From the time he was drafted right up until his exit, he never really got his proper due. He took them to 5 NFC Championship games and that should count for something. Maybe he can turn things around for the Redskins and get some credit.

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